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Civil Wedding

Mexico is one of the favorite destinations for the wedding of your dreams. A dream you can achieve.

The civil ties is a requirement that the state of Mexico demands, to recognize and protect marriages, within the law of the Civil Code. The judges are assigned to delegations or municipalities and depending on the address you will be asigned the area.

The cost of the wedding varies according to the area where the registry is located and in addition the judge charges for honoraries and it is defined according to where the wedding will be held, if its inside the delegation or outside, the distance of the place where the official will have to travel to, time and day of the event.

Preparing the civil wedding a series of Legal procedures for Marriage is a must, which are obligatory to carry out by the couple in addition you must have in mind that this could change in case of nationality; if both are Mexican citizens; if one is Mexican and the other a foreigner; or if both are foreigners.

Another aspect must be taking into consideration for a civil wedding and that is the Economic Protection for the Couple that is defined in a regimen of common or separated property and which is necessary before the ceremony.

The couple must also know that there is the Legal dispositions of the Mexican Civil Registry which contemplates legal mesures against any person that breaks the law, before or during the marriage ceremony.

Reservations for the day of the wedding must be done in anticipation. Marriage must be celebrated within the 8 following days, in the place, date and time given by the judge of the Civil Registry.

Day of the Civil Wedding:
Present on the place, day and time assigned for the marriage are: the Judge of the Civil Registry, couple or special representative and two witnesses for each one of the couple that accredit their identity.

The judge of the Civil Registry will read out loud the marriage request, the documents presented and rest of the legal aspects and interrogate the witnesses if the couple present are the same identified in the requests. If the answer if affirmative, each one of the couple will be asked if they still wants to contract matrimony and if confirmed, they will be declared man and wife before the law and soceity.

Later the judge of the civil registry will prepare a marriage act in which all the formalities that exist in the Law of Civil code is confirmed.

The act will be signed by the judge of the Civil Registry, the couple, witnesses and rest of the people that are involved. The act will include the finger prints of the couple.

If he or he are foreigners after being married and receiving the documents, do not forget that the Mexican marriage certificate must be authorized for it to be valid in another country. Otherwise your marriage certificate will not be accepted as a Legal Marriage Certificate. This procedure must be done in Mexico.

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