The Thousand Flavors of MOLE
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The Thousand Flavors of MOLE
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The Thousand Flavors of MOLE

  This tour is inspired in the variety of colors and flavors of the Mole (pronounce mo-lay) which is one of the main national dish. One of the magical places will be visited in this Tour is San Pedro Actopan, found in Milpa Alta, in the southern part of Mexico City. As one of the foremost green areas of the city, this beautiful spot found in the midst of forests and crop fields, maintains deep indigenous roots which are really noticeable in a number of popular celebrations, where the use of Nahuatl language as well as the culinary customs have given Mexico the dish known as red mole.

Many years ago, San Pedro Actopan was deemed a town of mole-making tradition. Every year, there is a large mole fair where you can try a large variety of different kinds of this typically Mexican dish. This route will take you to the city of Puebla, where you will learn about the history of mole, which goes back to pre-Hispanic times. It is said that the Aztecs prepared for the kings and nobles a dish made of different types of chilies and cacao called "mulli".

Mole is one of the most representative dishes of Mexican cuisine and is so special that it is usually eaten in large celebrations. The legend of how mole came to be is still a mystery but it is known that is was made in all the kitchens of the convents of Puebla during colonial times. It was here that Mexican cuisine was perfected, an action that was prompted by frequent visits by famous religious and political figures of viceroy´s times.

Mole from Puebla (known as "mole poblano") is a result of a mix of indigenous, European and Asian ingredients, creating a rich and edible piece of history. After visiting the beautiful historic center and trying the exquisite cuisine, make purchases of one of the many types of handicrafts sold here, like Talavera ceramic, local sweets or any of the many quality products that can be found.

The trip on the Mole Route will make a stop in the State of Tlaxcala, where you can find that the aroma of roasted chili peppers and spices will invite you to try the "mole prieto". This mole is also known as the "tlilmolli" and is made from corn meal and lard. In pre-Hispanic times, this was made with corn meal and deer, turkey or "xoloitzcuitle" meat. It is said that it was a ritual meal prepared in honor of the goddess Toci, the Goddess of Textiles and Health and large celebrations were held in the sanctuary of Chiautempan, Tlaxcala.

This typical dish from Tlaxcala, which is served with stewed pork, normally accompanies anis-flavored tamales. They are usually eaten in diverse celebrations like Carnaval and Easter. Apart from trying the food in Tlaxcala, visit the archeological zone of Cacaxtla and admire the colorful murals. This site is found in the southeastern part of the state and is about a kilometer away from the town of San Miguel del Milagro.

This route also needs to include Oaxaca, which is rich in culture and traditions, as well as possesses beautiful beaches and varied flora and fauna. The beaches of repute are Puerto Escondido, Huatulco and the lesser known Mazunte, all famous for their great waves for surfing. There is also exquisite cuisine that comes from this state, which includes unique dishes and a series of seven different moles. Discover the capital city and the colorful market, which would be a great excuse to try one or all of the exquisite moles that you can find, with the king of all Oaxacan moles, the black mole, as the star of the show.

Oaxaca has archeological traces of Mixteca and Zapoteca cultures, which founded great cities like Mitla and Monte Alban. Enjoy the festive traditions of the Guelaguetza (the most important of the state) where seven ethnic delegations dance and celebrate, donning their beautiful traditional wear. On the Mole Route, you will not only get to enjoy all the different varieties of mole that can be found in Mexico but you will also have a taste of the folklore and rich culture of this colorful country. Come and discover Mexico on this Route, a trip to awaken your taste buds.


- Arrival, and meet and greeting at the airport.
- Transfer to the hotel.
- Accommodation at a 4**** Hotel in B & B.
- OPTIONAL dinner.

- 09:00, Full Tour of Mexico City with visit to the National Museum of Anthropology. A journey to the past along Historical District of Mexico City and enjoy visiting Mexico’s center of the political and religious powers; the pre-hispanic Tenochitlan’s, “Templo Mayor” with twin altars dedicated to Tlaloc and Huitzilopchtli, and the Metropolitan Cathedral, which took nearly 300 years to be built, and its “Cristo Negro”, the “Altar of the Kings” and a few steps further on the Diego Rivera’s frescoes at the Museo de Bellas Artes. Enjoy visiting the historical centre of one of the largest Metropolis in the World, former “Ciudad de los Palacios”. Drive along the 9 mile long former “Empress Way” (Paseo de la Reforma), built by orders of Maximilian of Habsburg, the statue of Diana the Hunter, the Monument to the Independence, so called “The Angel”, the monuments to Columbus and to Cuauhtemoc, the “Caballito”, the monument to the Revolution, the Fine Arts Palace (Bellas Artes), the Latin American Tower and the “Casa de los Azulejos” (Tiles House).
- Back to the hotel.
- Accommodation at the Hotel 4**** in B & B.
- FREE evening and OPTIONAL dinner.

- Early breakfast and departure to Tlaxcala by bus.
- Tlaxcala food is like most of indigenous mixed gastronomy of Mexico. Nevertheless, tlaxcalteca food presents a highly Hispanic influence, which characterizes and makes its unique and delicious; one of the most important dishes is the mole cooked with peanuts.
- In first place we will visit the Archaeological Site of Cacaxtla to continue to Tlaxcala City where we will know to the Lady of Ocotlán, the Healing Temple and Fresco at the Government Palace.
- After that the trip will continue to Puebla and visit the historical downtown, a Cultural and Historic Heritage Site of UNESCO, the Rosary Chapel, the Cathedral, Loreto and Guadalupe Forts and the local market.
- OPTIONAL lunch for testing the mole poblano. The mole more known in Mexico is the poblano mole. It consists mainly of a sauce of a great variety of ingredients spilled on turkey pieces. It is one of the most representative subjects of the country. The mole belongs to the category of popular kitchen, to the oral tradition preserved by generations, but at the same time it has a dynamic, innovating spirit and refining.
- Accommodation at a 4**** Hotel in B & B.

- Early breakfast and departure to Oaxaca by bus.
- In the way visit Tonantzintla, visit the historical centre of Oaxaca, as well as the very famous Monte Albán archeological site, Tula Tree, the picturesque town of Teotitán del Valle and Mitla, the other very important archeological site in the region.
- Accommodation in a hotel 4**** in B & B.

- Early breakfast, leaving bu bus to Huatulco bay.
- FREE Day to enjoy the bay.
- Accommodation in a 4**** Hotel in B & B.

- Early breakfast.
- Leaving for Mazunte, a very nice town immerse in the jungle with beatiful beaches and exuberant nature. Visit the Centre for Protection of Turtles.
- Accommodation in a Hotel 4**** in B & B.

- FREE morning.
- Back to Mexico City by Bus, TRF to the airport, connecting flight to country of origen.
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