Magic of Traditions and Nature: The Purepecha region
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Magic of Traditions and Nature: The Purepecha region
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Magic of Traditions and Nature: The Purepecha region

  This route puts on display all the cultural and historical richness of the Purepecha region. Learn about the traditions and natural surroundings of one of the most beautiful, fertile, historical, artistic and culturally - laden regions of the country.

Six destinations in one route: magical town of Patzcuaro, two large colonial towns (Morelia and Uruapan), two incredibly artistic towns with archeological traces of Purepecha culture (Tzintzuntzan and Santa Clara del Cobre) and finishing it off with the beautiful beaches of Zihuatanejo.

You will visit the historic center of Morelia, declared by UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site of Humanking; the the town of Santa Clara del Cobre, where you will see the high level handcraft creativeness of the handicrafts made by locals. In Tzintzuntzan, discover the archeological traces of the Purepecha culture in middle of an incredible mountain landscape. In Patzcuaro, the magical colonial streets and the mystical feel of the colonial buildings.In Uruapan, the historical richness meshes nicely with the abundance of natural resources, like those found in the National Park. In Zihuatanejo you will enjoy a fine beach and a beautiful landscape.


  Day 1
- Arrival at Mexico City international airport.
- Meeting and Greeting.
- Transfer to the hotel.
- Accommodation in a 4**** in B & B.
- FREE evening.

Day 2, Mexico City
- 08:00 Breakfast.
- 09:00 Full Tour of Mexico City with visit to the National Museum of Anthropology. Enjoy visiting Mexico’s center of the political and religious powers; the pre- Hispanic Tenochitlan’s “Templo Mayor” with twin altars dedicated to Tlaloc and Huitzilopchtli, and the Metropolitan Cathedral, which took nearly 300 years to be built, and its “Cristo Negro”, the “Altar of the Kings” and a few steps further on the Diego Rivera’s frescoes at the Palacio de Bellas Artes. This is the historical centre of one of the largest Metropolis in the World, former “Ciudad de los Palacios”. Drive along the 9 mile long former “Empress Way” (Paseo de la Reforma), built by orders of Maximilian of Habsburg, the statue of Diana the Hunter, the Monument to the Independence, so called “The Angel”, the monuments to Columbus and to Cuauhtemoc, the “Caballito”, the monument to the Revolution, the Fine Arts Palace (Bellas Artes), the Latin American Tower and the “Casa de los Azulejos” (Tiles House).
- Visit to to Cuemanco, Xochimilco, declared by UNESCO World Natural Heritage in 1987.
- Listen to the wise teachings of our ancestors on herb therapy, learn how the “chinampas” were made in ancient times, try yourself to practice the old sowing techniques and see the habits and uses of “temazcal” and “ajolote” in risk of extinction today.
- Return to the hotel.
- Accommodation in B & B.
- Optional Dinner.

Day 3, Mexico City / Morelia
- Early Breakfast at the hotel.
- Transfer to Basílica de Guadalupe for a visit, the most visited Catholic shrine in the World it is also the most important and impressive in America. Admire the master piece of Arq. Pedro Ramírez Vázquez with a detailed explanation of the Basilica and adjoining buildings.
- In the afternoon TRF to the airport of Mexico City to take a flight to Morelia.
- Arrival at Morelia. Meeting and transfer to the hotel.
- Accommodation at Hotel 4**** in B & B.
- OPTIONAL Dinner.

Day 4, Morelia
- Breakfast at the hotel.
- Walking Tour of the historical district of Morelia, UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage site since 1981, featuring: Governmental Palace, Cathedral (17th and 18th C), former Palace of Justice, then on to the house where national hero Jose Maria Morelos was born (18th C), Clavijero Cultural Center (17th C) and Templo de las Rosas. - OPTIONAL luncheon.
- After luncheon panoramic tour of the commercial and residential areas of Morelia.
- On the way back to the hotel visit the Museo del Dulce where traditional techniques of local jelly production, well known in Mexico, will be shown to the group.
- FREE evening.
- OPTIONAL dinner.
- Accommodation at Hotel 4**** in B & B.

Day 5, Morelia / Pátzcuaro
- Breakfast at the hotel and departure for Pátzcuaro. In route visit of Capula (known in Mexico for its pottery crafts) for a visit to the “atelier” of Juan Torres, Michoacán artist, former disciple of Alfredo Zalce, one the most important Mexican painters. We then proceed on to Santa Fe de la Laguna for a short visit to this charming little village, where the first “pueblo-hospital” of this region was built under Vasco de Quiroga orders. We continue on to Tzintzuntzan. Tzintzuntzan was the last ceremonial capital of the Purepecha Kingdom before the Conquistadores arrival. Apart from the Yácatas (remains of ceremonial site) visit to San Francis Monastery, a unique example of the “open Chapels”, a way the first monks to arrive at this region used to attract the Indians to the mass.
- After the visit we finally proceed on to Pátzcuaro. Pátzcuaro is a charming small town by the lake of the same name, economical center of this region. It is here that every year the Day of the Dead main ceremonies are held attracting thousands of visitors. - Walking city center tour featuring: the Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health built by Vasco de Quiroga a Spaniard sent on the 16th C by the King of Spain to evaluate the Conquistadores’ army behavior and became almost a saint for the natives, the former Jesuits Temple, the Plaza Vasco de Quiroga, a huge square surrounded by colonial arcaded buildings that house today small restaurants, cafés, souvenir and craft shops, small hotels. At the end a visit the Eleven Courtyard House will be paid. A former 18th C convent houses today a permanent craft exhibition with some handicraft workshops in normal activity.
- After that we arrive at the hotel for check in and overnight.
- Accommodation at Hotel 4**** in B & B. - OPTIONAL Dinner.

Day 6, Pátzcuaro / Santa Clara Del Cobre / Tingambato / Uruapan
- Breakfast at the hotel and leave the hotel on to Santa Clara del Cobre (Villa Escalante). Visit to the village center including to a “hammered copper” workshop, where we may appreciate the local artisans working on that metal. After the visit we leave for Tingambato’s archaeological site (of Teotihuacan influence, 7th to 10th C) for a visit and on to Uruapan.
- Check in at the hotel and overnight.
- Accommodation at a Hotel 4**** in B & B.
- Uruapan and the National Park. Uruapan in the nahuatl language means “place of flowers”. Imagine a rain forest park next to a busy town. An oasis! And then the historical district of Uruapan, one of the first Michoacán villages to be colonized by the Spaniards here in Michoacán and the World capital of Avocado. It’s also the proper place for a Charanda (local liquor) tasting.

Day 7, Uruapan / Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo
- Breakfast at the hotel. City sightseeing featuring: National Park Eduardo Ruiz, San Pedro Factory (textiles), the Huatapera and the neoclassic Cathedral.
- Leaving for Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, located in the Costa Grande of Guerrero State, 70 Km roughly from the state border with Michoacán, is connected with other important Mexican cities, through excellent roads and by air too. Most Mexican commercial airlines operate domestic flights from local international airport (ZIH) as well as some US carriers flying to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo from USA. Due to its location Ixtapa is an excellent port-of-call for cruise liners sailing the Pacific coast of US and Mexico. Arrival to Ixtapa and check in at hotel. It has become one of the greates sun & sea destination in the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Day 8, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo
- Breakfast and a short hotel tour. Panoramic tour to Ixtapa Zihuatanejo. Rest of day at leisure, enjoying sun, beach, pool and other sea and sun activities.

Day 9, Ixtapa / Mexico City
- Breakfast and at the convenient time transfer to the airport to board the flight to Mexico City and connect with flights back home.
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