The Huastecas and their Outstanding Beauty
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The Huastecas and their Outstanding Beauty
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The Huastecas and their Outstanding Beauty

  The Huasteca Route encompasses various states. It can divided up into the Huasteca Veracruzana, which includes the north of Veracruz State, the Huasteca Potosina, where Ciudad Valles is known as "La Puerta Grande de la Huasteca Potosina" (The Big Door to the Huasteca Potosina), and the Huasteca Tamaulipeca, which is located in the south of Tamaulipas State. The Huasteca Route is rich in natural beauty, archaeological sites, and culture. These areas are also renowned in Mexico for their delicious regional cuisines.

In Ciudad Valles, in the Huasteca Potosina, you can visit a church called the Parroquia de Santiago de los Valles, which was built during colonial times. Ciudad Valles is a city with many traditions and customs, along with being renowned for its incredible handicrafts. Discover the Huasteca culture while visiting the Tamauntzan Museum, enjoy the beautiful natural environment in places like the Micos Waterfalls, which is a great spot for water activities like kayaking and rafting. Explore the "Gruta los Sabinos" (Sabino's Cave), visit fascinating areas beside the Rio Valles, and explore the Tamtoc archaeological site, which is one of the most important ceremonial sites of the Huasteca culture.

Next, you should consider taking a trip to some of the fascinating cities that make up the Huasteca Tamaulipeca, such as Tampico, where you'll find tourist attractions like the historic center, the "Laguna del Carpintero" (The Carpenter's Lagoon) and the Museum of Huasteca Culture. The golden beaches and the exquisite cuisine, featuring delicious fish and seafood, such as crabs, crawfish and crayfish, are both well worth experiencing.

In the state of Veracruz, the Huasteca is located in the north of the state. Here you can visit archeological sites like El Tajin, which was the political and religious capital for the Totonaca culture. A few minutes from El Tajin is Papantla, a city that still preserves its traditions and customs, such as the famous dance called "Danza de los Voladores" (Papantla's Flyers). You can also visit the park, the church, the Totonaca Cultural Museum, and Teodoro Cano Museum. Papantla is a rich city because of the production of vanilla. You can find lots of interesting handicrafts made out of this aromatic spice, as well as a great variety of artisanal items that represent the Totonaca culture. Visiting the markets is good way to discover the local cuisine, since you'll find lots of stands offering typical dishes, such as "zacahuil" (a huge pork tamale, cooked in banana leaves), or the delicious "molotes" (a kind of appetizer made of corn dough and mashed potatoes, filled with ground meat).

Costa Esmeralda is another of the places included on this route. It is a beautiful stretch of coastline located beside the tranquil waters of the Gulf of Mexico which extends from the municipalities of Tecolutla and Nautla. The Costa Esmeralda's pristine beaches are ideal to relax on or enjoy a variety of water sports. The Costa Esmeralda includes the beaches of Casitas, Monte Gordo, Playa Azul, Cabo Alto, Playa Verde, Boca de Lima and more. The local cuisine includes lots of delicious seafood dishes. You must try the Robalo Soup or some delicious "Camarones Enchipotlados" (shrimps in a chipotle sauce)!

The port of Veracruz is the best place to end the Huasteca Route. In this important historic city you will have the opportunity to enjoy lots of attractions, such as museums, the "Isla de los Sacrificios" (The Island of Sacrifices), or historic places like San Juan de Ulua Fort. The port area of Veracruz has a very lively atmosphere, as does the historic center. Some things you have to try, while in the area, are the aromatic local coffee, a delicious seafood meal, such as "Chilpachole de Jaiba" (a spicy crab soup), or the typical "Arroz a la Tumbada" (rice prepared with a variety of seafood and soup), and the traditional "Picadas" (a kind of flour tortilla with sauce, onion and cheese). Sample all these delights while listening to the famous "sones jarochos", a traditional musical style of Veracruz.

Visit the Huasteca Route and discover a world of delicious cuisine and vibrant music. Travel to the Huasteca and learn about the history of the Huasteca and Totonaca tribes.


- Welcome at the airport of Mexico City and then transfer from the airport to the hotel. Dinner.
- Accommodation at a 4**** Hotel in B & B.
- OPTIONAL dinner.

- 09:00, Full Tour of Mexico City with visit to the National Museum of Anthropology. A journey to the past along Historical District of Mexico City and enjoy visiting Mexico’s center of the political and religious powers; the pre-hispanic Tenochitlan’s, “Templo Mayor” with twin altars dedicated to Tlaloc and Huitzilopchtli, and the Metropolitan Cathedral, which took nearly 300 years to be built, and its “Cristo Negro”, the “Altar of the Kings” and a few steps further on the Diego Rivera’s frescoes at the Museo de Bellas Artes. Enjoy visiting the historical centre of one of the largest Metropolis in the World, former “Ciudad de los Palacios”. Drive along the 9 mile long former “Empress Way” (Paseo de la Reforma), built by orders of Maximilian of Habsburg, the statue of Diana the Hunter, the Monument to the Independence, so called “The Angel”, the monuments to Columbus and to Cuauhtemoc, the “Caballito”, the monument to the Revolution, the Fine Arts Palace (Bellas Artes), the Latin American Tower and the “Casa de los Azulejos” (Tiles House).
- Back to the hotel.
- Accommodation at the Hotel 4**** in B & B.
- FREE evening and OPTIONAL dinner.

- Early breakfast.
- TRF to the airport in Mexico to take flight to Tampico.
- Upon arrival transfer to the natural park known as “La Huasteca”. Visit during the full day the main attractions of the region. This natural park hides wonderful treasures of culture and nature.
- Transfer to Ciudad Valles.
- Check in at the hotel.
- Accommodation at a 4**** Hotel.
- OPTIONAL dinner.

- Breakfast at the hotel.
- Check out and transfer to Tampico. Arrival to Tampico, City tour and boat ride on Woodpecker lagoon.
- OPTIONAL luncheon.
- Depart from Tampico and transfer to Poza Rica Veracruz.
- Arrival to Poza Rica.
- Check inn at the hotel.
- Accommodation at a 4***** Hotel in B & B.
- OPTIONAL dinner.

- Early breakfast.
- Departure to “Takilhsukut” theme park. Arrival, Native Mexican welcome to the “Totonacapan” region.
- Departure to the Archeological Site of El Tajin named Cultural and Historic Site Heritage by UNESCO.
- After that, departure from El Tajin and transfer back to Takilhsukut theme park.
- OPTIONAL luncheon, Visiting the handcarf artisans.
- Transfer back to Poza Rica
- Accommodation at a 4**** Hotel in B & B.

- Breakfast at the Hotel.
- Check out and depart to Veracruz City.
- Transfer to the Archeological Site of Zempoala and visiting also Antigua, the arrival place of Hernán Cortes in 1521.
- OPTIONAL luncheon in La Antigua.
- Arrival to Veracruz. City Tour on board a Double Decker bus.
- Accommodation at a 4**** Hotel in B & B.
- OPTIONAL dinner.

- Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport to take a flight back to to Mexico City and to connect with flights back home.
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