Encounter of Ancient and Modern Mexico
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Encounter of Ancient and Modern Mexico
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Encounter of Ancient and Modern Mexico

  For travelers to the stunning landscapes of northern Mexico, there are lots of fascinating places to visit that are steeped in history. Ciudad Laredo in Durango, Torreon, Monterrey, Saltillo, San Carlos Hermosillo and Guaymas are all beautiful places with plenty of attractions. Each one of these cities has an important cultural and historic background that is reflected today in the people and customs.

The Route through Modern Mexico gives the traveler an insight into the Mexico of today, which still maintains deep roots into the past. Modern Mexico still relies heavily on agriculture although nowadays there are many other large industries. Traveling this route you will get to see the heritage of the most representative cities of each state as well as the amazing natural beauty of places like Las Dunas de Bilbao, in the desert of Torreon, where you can try the popular pastime of sand boarding.

Due to its geographic location, where the sea, the desert and the mountains converge, Guaymas, in San Carlos, has beautiful areas to enjoy water activities and eco-touristic pursuits. There are also some areas that are perfect for hunting. While here, you must also make sure you try some of the local cuisine that features lots of delicious seafood dishes.

Monterrey combines natural beauty with a modern infrastructure. At the foot of the Cerro de la Silla Mountains, Monterrey's colonial architecture, ecological parks, restaurants, bars, shopping malls, cinemas, museums and theaters are all well worth exploring. Monterrey is well known for its famous goat meat pastor (marinated goat with annatto, vinegar, spices and pepper).

Saltillo is the capital city of Coahuila State. It is a gorgeous city with lots of museums and impressive buildings just waiting to be discovered. Just a few miles away from Saltillo you can visit Rincon Colorado, the most outstanding paleontological site in the country, where you'll find exhibits of invaluable prehistoric fossils. In Saltillo you can find stunning forests, deserts and mountains, along with resorts specifically created for winter sports.

Hermosillo is a city full of legends and history that has developed a strong economy based around livestock and the farming of citrus fruits and grain. When visiting this city you should try the typical dishes, such as the famous corn tamales and machaca (shredded dried beef).

Once you get to Torreon, you can find all types of attractions, such as parks, shopping malls, bars and restaurants. There are also lots of excellent golf courses in the area. To enjoy a panoramic view of the city, visit the famous Christ of Noas. With regards to cuisine, you'll find everything from fine dining restaurants to street carts selling traditional tacos.

Exploring the Route through Modern Mexico is a great way to discover the cultural essence and historic wealth of this diverse country. Once you get to know its beautiful landscapes, agricultural areas, and artisanal handicrafts, it will become apparent that much of modern Mexico still has very strong ties to the past.


- Arrival, and meet and greeting at the airport.
- Transfer to the hotel.
- Accommodation at a 4**** Hotel in B & B.
- OPTIONAL dinner.

- 09:00, Full Tour of Mexico City with visit to the National Museum of Anthropology. A journey to the past along Historical District of Mexico City and enjoy visiting Mexico’s center of the political and religious powers; the pre-hispanic Tenochitlan’s, “Templo Mayor” with twin altars dedicated to Tlaloc and Huitzilopchtli, and the Metropolitan Cathedral, which took nearly 300 years to be built, and its “Cristo Negro”, the “Altar of the Kings” and a few steps further on the Diego Rivera’s frescoes at the Museo de Bellas Artes. Enjoy visiting the historical centre of one of the largest Metropolis in the World, former “Ciudad de los Palacios”. Drive along the 9 mile long former “Empress Way” (Paseo de la Reforma), built by orders of Maximilian of Habsburg, the statue of Diana the Hunter, the Monument to the Independence, so called “The Angel”, the monuments to Columbus and to Cuauhtemoc, the “Caballito”, the monument to the Revolution, the Fine Arts Palace (Bellas Artes), the Latin American Tower and the “Casa de los Azulejos” (Tiles House).
- Back to the hotel.
- Accommodation at the Hotel 4**** in B & B.
- FREE evening and OPTIONAL dinner.

- Early breakfast and departure to Coyoacán, visit to Frida Kahlo Museum (Casa Azul) and Coyoacán Walking Tour. Transfer to the Bazaar and tour of San Jacinto and Bazaar.
- TRF to the airport, taking flight to Durango.
- Arrival at Durango and transfer to hotel, check in.
- Walking Tour of Durango downtown.
- OPTIONAL Dinner.
- Accommodation at a 4**** Hotel.

- Early breakfast.
- Durango City Tour, visiting Durango Cultural Institute (ICED) Museum of the Revolution and tramway.
- Departure to Laredo, arrival to Gomez Palacio and panoramic tour, transfer to Laredo.
- TRF to Torreón.
- Check inn at hotel.
- Accommodation in a 4**** Hotel in B & B.
- OPTIONAL dinner.

- Breakfast and Torreón City.
- Tour visiting Cristo de las Noas.
- Transfer to Parras, Magic Town, visit an important winery, lunch and transfer to Saltillo.
- Arrival and accommodation at a 4**** Hotel in B & B.
- OPTIONAL dinner.

- Breakfast.
- Saltillo City Tour and visit to Museum of the Desert.
- Transfer to Monterrey, arrival and lunch, transfer and visit to MARCO Museum, City Tour and Paseo de Santa Lucia.
- Airport transfer to fly to Hermosillo.
- Arrival & transfer to the hotel.
- Accommodation at a 4**** Hotel in B & B.
- OPTIONAL dinner.

- Breakfast.
- Panoramic Tour of Hermosillo.
- Departure to Guaymas, visit Guaymas and San Carlos.
- OPTIONAL luncheon.
- TRF to Hermosillo´s airport to take fly to Mexico City and then connecting flight to Destinations of origen.
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