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  Diving in Playa del Carmen
  Diving in Playa del CarmenPlaya del Carmen is named for Our Lady of Mount Carmel, who is the patron saint of Cancún. The first recorded visitors to the beaches of what is now Playa del Carmen came during the Early Classic Period (a.d. 300-600) of the Mayan civilization. Then called Xaman-Ha, or "waters of the north," Playa del Carmen was a rest stop of sorts for travelers making their way from the great cities of the Mayan world to the island of Cozumel.

The type of dives along Playa del Carmen are drift dives which allow divers to admire the beautiful flora and fauna on our superb reefs in a very effortless and relaxing way because you simply glide with the current and feel the rush of flying under the water.

Dive Sites
- Cerebros
- Los Arcos
- Pared Verde
- Moc-Che Deep
- Moc-Che Shallow
- Chun-zumbul
- Jardines
- Sabalos
- Inna
- Mama Viña Wreck
- Punta Venado

The Riviera Maya is home to the largest underground river system in the world.
Thousands of years ago this underground river system hollowed out huge underwater caves and created amazing rock formations. As the caves grew larger some of them started to collapse and gateways to the river system were opened. These sinkholes are called Cenotes. The word "Cenote" is derived from the Mayan term "D'zonot", which represents a subterranean cavity that contains permanent water. The Mayan people considered the Cenotes as the entrance to their mythical and spiritual underworld and also they were their only fresh water source in the middle of the jungle.

Today the Cenotes provide some of the most amazing diving experiences in the world. Glide though the caverns enjoying endless visibility, other-worldly views of stalactites and stalagmites, beams of light filtering through the jungle above and rock formations beyond your imagination.

Due to excellent conditions, shallow depth, endless visibility, spacious caverns and little current, the Cenote dives are fit for all levels of certified divers.
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