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Mexico´s National Festivals
Worship of Los Santos Reyes
Date: January 6 Place of the Celebration: The entire country
Interesting tour which will allow you to learn more on the traditions and past of the Panamanian people.

Day of the Candelaria
Date: February 2 Place of the Celebration: The entire country
The fiesta of the Candelaria closes the cycle of Christmas and remembers the day in which Maria took Jesús to the temple in Jerusalem, 40 days after his date of birth, to offer him and comply with the ritual of purification. The name of La Candelaria originated in the 19th century, when the ceremony of the Bendicion de las Candelas was included.

Day of the Flag
Date: February 24 Place of the Celebration: The entire country
It was President Lazaro Cardenas in 1937 who made February 24th day of the flag. The current flag was created by Agustin Iturbide in 1821 and is called Flag of the Tres Garantias.

Battle of Puebla
Date: May 5 Place of the Celebration: The entire country
On May 5th, the victory of the Mexican troops over the French Army headed by Napoleon III is held.

Independence Day
Date: September 16th Place of the Celebration: The entire country
In 1813, Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon established “Day of Independence”, in a document “Sentiments of a Nation”, event which will be commemorated on September as the day where the liberation movement began and the emancipation of Spain.

Day of the Dead
Date: November 1-2 Place of the Celebration: The entire country
The day of the Dead is a Mexican celebration held prior to the arrival of the Spanish, of indigenous origin and its objective is to honor the death during November 1st and 2nd, making up a rich variety of celebrations throughout the country. These dates coincide with the Catholic festivities of the Day of the Loyal Dead and All the Saints. They are cheeful and evocational festivities. This celebration extended throughout Central America and the United States. UNESCO has declared this festivity as World Heritage Site.

Day of the Mexican Revolution
Date: November 20th Place of the Celebration: The entire country
The Mexican Revolution consisted in a series of struggles and revolts that were held between 1910 and 1920 with the objective of ending the political and social system created by Porfirio Diaz. Officially the Revolution ended with the establishment of the new Constitution of 1917. The celebation is held on November 20th.

La Virgen de Guadalupe Festivities
Date: December 12th Place of the Celebration: The entire country
On December 12th the La Virgen de Guadalupe is honored, the same that appeared before Beato Juan Diego in 1531 in the Tepeyac hill, where the Mexican people venerates Tonatzin, mother of the Gods. The celebrations are held at the Guadalupe Basilica in Mexico City where millions of believers go to each year.

Date: December 16th to the 24th Place of the Celebration: The entire country
During the colonial times, the Agustinos Monks carried out the scenes of the trip Mary and Joseph of Nazareth during the 9 days prior to December 25th, with the objective of educating the indigenous population to the new religion. The 9 days symbolized the 9 months of Mary´s pregnancy and would coincide with the days that the aztecs practiced its ritual to Huitzilopochtli.

Date: December 16th to the 24th Place of the Celebration: The entire country
It is believed that the tradition of breaking the piñatas comes from China when they would break figures filled with seeds to bring about a good agricultural season. Marco Polo would take this custom to Europe. The Spanish missionaries took the piñatas to New Spain and incorporated a religious significance.

Date: December 25th Place of the Celebration: The entire country
This celebration dates back to the first years of the Christian Church, when Pope Telésforo established the date during the 2nd century. In Mexico, the Christmas celebrations and others are traditional inherited by the Spanish during the colonization.

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