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Mexican Carnavals
Veracruz Carnaval
Date: January 29th-February 6 Place: Veracruz
The Veracruz Carnaval is one of the most important festivals held in Mexico. Born during the times of Spanish colonization, under a strict religious character. But the Veracruz carnaval, as it is known today was established in 1925 and since it has evolutionized and moved on in time acquiring new characteristics.
The carnaval begins with the “La Quema del Mal Humor”, where an actor represents the people’s boredom that follows them until reaching a fun execution. From here, the city is proclaimed, the most cheerful in the world, giving way to the rallies and dances with its Caribbean rhythms, local sons and huapangos. During the following days they elect the Kings of the Carnaval and Ugly King.

Mazatlán Carnaval
Date: January 29-February 6 Place: Mazatlan, Sinaloa
The celebration of this festival dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, while the first population arrived to the region. The Mazatlan Carnaval turns six days into an incredible fiesta, where joy and fun fill the people of this region.

Carnaval of Puerto Escondido
Date: February 13-16 Place: Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca
The Puerto Escondido Carnaval is held each year, between February 13th and 16th. The festivity begins 15 days prior to the election of the Queen, Ugly King and Miss Friendiless. Also included are costume contests, allegoric car parades, comparsas and popular dances. A night vessels parade held in the municipal beach which constitutes a truely colorful show.

Carnaval of Chimalhuacan
Date: February 5-March 11 Place: Chimalhuacan, State of Mexico
This carnaval has been held for over 100 years and is one of the oldest in all of Mexico. The celebrations lasts for almost 2 months.
Carnaval of Tepotzlan
Date: March Place: Chimalhuacan, State of Morelos
The Tepotzlan carnaval, is one of the most famous carnavals in Mexico. In Tepotzlan, the carnaval is organized by each of of its four neiborhoods. Each neighborhoods has a butler in charge of organizing the comparsas and collect money for the festival. For almost one week, the children also parade in the town. There are dances of comparsas and food fairs.

Carnaval of Campeche
Date: February 3-March 3 Place: Mérida, Yucatán
Campeche holds its carnavals each year during the month of February. The population enjoys and rejoice during these fiestas. Music and dance are the most fascinating attractions, together with other artistics expressions, offering great colors to the event. Coronations and costume contests, alegoric cars; the burial parade of the “Mal Humor” and the flowers.

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